Interagency Oncology Task Force Fellowship


Selection Process

  1. Applications will be screened for eligibility and completeness.
  2. A selection committee, consisting of both NCI and FDA scientists will evaluate and select eligible applications.
  3. Candidates will then conduct an interview with the NCI-FDA program administrators
  4. The FDA Ethics staff will review Form 4083 and notify NCI of the ethics status and selection.


Applicants are notified via email of the selection decision approximately 6 weeks after the application deadline.

Next Steps

As part of the partnership, selected applicants will have to be onboarded at both the NCI and the FDA. The program will officially start with an NCI orientation in the first week of October and will be followed by an FDA orientation with the Office of Scientific Professional Development that will provide more information about these processes.

Prior to orientation, IOTF fellows will be invited to view the available projects/mentors for the application cycle. We require fellows to complete up to three weeks of lab rotations to determine which research group they select for their fellowship. Once complete, the fellows will submit a ranked order list based on the rotations. IOTF program administrators will then make the best possible matches based on those rankings and confirm the match with both the investigators and the fellows.